Pandemic 2020

The world entered the new decade with great enthusiasm and motivation. Many resolutions were made including a healthy lifestyle, daily workout, yoga, something for gastronomy and to work some general skills like cooking, drawings, arts, etc. Some of the resolutions were to explore new places, to do some adventures. A traveler wanted to explore the world, a scientist wanted to live in and around nature for research, a therapist wanted to come out of his sphere to observe behavioral changes in the different genome, a businessman wanted to expand his business all over the world, an archaeologist wanted to dig hard, a mother wanted to introduce her children to social norms, a sportsperson was practicing hard for the upcoming games for which arrangements were being made and millions have been spent by the host.  These are only some of the examples. There are many other people from different people who have decided ways to what to do in 2020.  Perhaps everyone was unaware of the fac
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